Ali Jawad (Ambassador)


Ali Jawad


Hometown: Tottenham, London


Born: 12th January 1989


Category: -59kg


Disability: Born without legs


You are an ambassador for Get Kids Going!- how have they helped you throughout your career?


Get Kids Going! have been incredible with me, I’ve been lucky enough to have all my day chairs through the charity. This gives me the freedom to do everyday chores. Day wheelchairs are very expensive, but the charity believed in my enough help me out. 


How did you get into powerlifing?


I started lifting at age 16, when my friend wanted me to go with him to the gym opposite my school. I never really thought I was strong, but the owner of the gym thought I had some potential and asked if I wanted to come back.


What was it like competing at London 2012?


London 2012 was one of mixed contrasting emotions, on one hand competing in front of a home crowd with friends and family, and a 6000 indoor full capacity was unforgettable. Everyone came to watch me! However, the end result was one of controversy and heartbreak so it’s been hard to re-build my career since.


What is the proudest moment of your career so far?


Winning the world title in 2014 and setting a new world record



WATCH Ali Jawad win the World Championships and get a world record


What are your hopes for Rio 2016? 


My main goal is to try win the gold medal. It’s been my dream since I was 6 years old, and after what happened in London2012, It would be a great way to get over it.